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[Singapore] Marina


The pieces are hand-made using Pachika, a special paper that becomes transparent when heated. Each individual piece is crafted with skillful control of temperature, pressure, and time during pressing.


<Size and materials>

*This picture includes frame.

Picture Size / W:210mm H:148mm

Frame Size / W:380mm H:300mm

Emboss on Pachika

Frame materials are wood and Acrylic

Design and produced by Ciaolink


Delivery takes 3-4 working days after received an order.

<International delivery>

Hong Kong, Singapore -  500JPY per pcs (2pcs or more / Free shipping)

Asia - 1,500JPY per pcs

North America - 2,500JPY per pcs

Europe - 2,500JPY per pcs

*Free delivery for purchases of 3pcs or more

*Customs duty and VAT paid by the customer

Here’s more information on international delivery.

[Singapore] Marina
[Singapore] Marina
[Singapore] Marina
[Singapore] Marina
[Singapore] Marina
[Singapore] Marina