About Ciaolink

I started my own art business, 'Ciaolink,' when I lived in Hong Kong back in 2013. The word 'Ciao' was adapted from the Chinese word for bridge, whereas 'link' means 'bridging' or 'tsunagu' in Japanese. Ciaolink's aim is to act as a 'bridge' that connects customers through meaningful products.

In 2013, while still living in Hong Kong, I developed a series of unique gift for my friends who announced their plans to relocate to another country or return to Japan. At that time, the focus was on divining them special gift to help them remember and cherish their precious memories of the city. Since then, I've been dedicated to creating original products that resonate with our customers' special memories in their loved country.


Our product

Most of Ciaolink's works are made using 'Pachica,' a special kind of paper produced by Takeo Corporation in Japan. It's unique in that it becomes transparent under hot stamping. 'Pachica' was also used in creating the pamphlet for the 1998 Nagano Olympics. A Japanese foil stamper will first apply heat to a copper plate, then pressed it onto the paper to create a delicate embossing.

It requires advanced craftsmanship in controlling the temperature, pressure, and time to develop dense and complex yet uniform embossing transparency on this delicate paper. We work very closely with the craftsman from the printing factory to ensure that the perfect transparency effect is met.

As for the frames, we work with a shop in Kagawa prefecture to create an original wood material, color, and the hook at the back. Our packaging is made from recycled cardboard according to the requirements of FSC certification.

We try to minimize the amount of packaging to allow the protection of each artwork during shipping. All deliveries are handled by DHL with speed and care. Today, our customers are not limited to those in Hong Kong and Japan but also include people from around the world.