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[Hong Kong] Blue house


Ciaolink released a new design "Blue house" collaborating with Kapok for their 15th anniversary. 

"Blue house" was built as a hospital in the 1870s. It is one of the historic buildings which remains the old style balconies in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong government allowed people to stay there as residence from 2016.

Kapok's owner Arnault Castel lives in the building.

Ciaolink supports this movement to preserve beautiful and historically important architecture in Hong Kong.

I'm really happy that Blue house was finally released.



The pieces are hand-made using Pachica, a special paper that becomes transparent when heated. Each individual piece is crafted with skillful control of temperature, pressure, and time during pressing.


<Size and materials>

*This picture includes frame.

Picture Size / W:210mm H:148mm

Frame Size / W:380mm H:300mm

Emboss on Pachica

Frame materials are wood and Acrylic

Design and produced by Ciaolink


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[Hong Kong] Blue house
[Hong Kong] Blue house
[Hong Kong] Blue house
[Hong Kong] Blue house