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Night & Day Candle - Mt.Fuji


Introducing Ciaolink's new candle, the "Night & Day Candle." We've crafted candles using Ciaolink's unique method of depicting intricate landscape paintings using special transparent paper. From the iconic Tokyo Tower to the view of Mount Fuji from convenience stores, along with the skyscrapers of Shinjuku and the Yamanote Line, the captivating landscapes of Tokyo, as seen through Ciaolink's lens, come to life alongside the candle's glow.

Collaborating with the candle brand BeCandle from Hong Kong, we've crafted original scents tailored to each of these landscapes.

Whether you're a visitor to Tokyo or a resident, this candle is a must-have souvenir that captures the essence of Tokyo in a truly special way!


Iris powder, mineral, sea breeze, rosemary, cedar 

Vegetal Scented Candle - 200g 

Burning time : 50 hours


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Night & Day Candle - Mt.Fuji
Night & Day Candle - Mt.Fuji
Night & Day Candle - Mt.Fuji
Night & Day Candle - Mt.Fuji